Sunday, February 5, 2012

365 Project | Day Thirty-Six

Superbowl Sunday...

Here is K singing with Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton singing America The Beautiful :)

365 Project | Day Thirty-Five


That has been me for the past couple of days :(

Here are my two girls laying in bed with me trying to make me feel better. 

365 Project | Day Thirty-Four

Yep, and more for K's birthday party :)

Skittle Letter "K" & Gumball jar :)

365 Project | Day Thirty-Three

Again making stuff for K's birthday ;)

The start of the gumball topiary <3


365 Project | Day Thirty-Two

Movies, Movies we're going to the movies...

Grandma and I took K to see Beauty and the Beast 3D today. It was so much fun and K had a blast. She did really good. I can't wait to take her to the next one that comes out :)

365 Project | Day Thirty-One

A picture of me...

self–portrait: \-ˈpȯr-trət, -ˌtrāt\ noun: a portrait of oneself done by oneself.

365 Project | Day Thirty

We went to Grandma and Papa's today to pick Grandma up to come spend a couple days with us and we had a good day dancing and just goofing off :) 

 K sure does love Grandma ;) 

 Doing the Princess Twirl <3

   Papa's Babycakes... She will probably play the guitar one day!!!